Adam- Cranford- 6/2021

Dr. Shell is wonderful. I went to her with severe lower back pain that was on and off for years. After my visits with her, I am happy to say the pain has been 100% gone for a few years now. Dr. Shell is very accommodating and professional as is her office staff. Thank you Dr. Shell!

Danielle- Cranford- 6/2021

Prior to seeing Dr.Shell I had terrible sciatic pain on my left side as well as various sports injuries that caused other pain. Dr.Shell was very cognizant of previous health concerns and explained a proper recovery plan using diagrams and images which helped really visualize the work that needed to be put in to feel better. It’s been about 18 months since I first started seeing Dr.Shell but I felt relief instantly during the first appointment and my sciatic pain completely disbursed within the first six weeks of seeing her. The office has also been well kept and consistently sanitized throughout covid. I highly recommend Dr.Shell if you are seeking chiropractic help!

Linda- Cranford- 6/2021

Dr. Shell is a great chiropractor who cares about her patients. Everyone in her office is so nice! She has helped me a lot.

Manny - Cranford- 7/2020

I had a horrific pain on my shoulder arms and elbows that had been diagnosed as potentially a c8 pinched nerve. It had degenerated to intolerable pain at night. A visit to another chiropractor seemed to make matters worse and I visited Dr Shell based on testimonials I had read. I had immediate relief and within a few weeks all the symptoms I had experienced slowly retreated and finally disappeared! I don’t know what I would have done without her!

Nedelka- 7/20

 I went to Dr. Shell for nutritional advice. She was very thorough, knowledgeable and caring. She spends a lot of time with you. I trust her recommendations.

Carol -Linden 7/2020

Dr Shell is a genuinely caring person. It's obvious to me her patients well being is paramount in her practice. My chiropractor of over 25yrs retired. My primary recommended Dr Shell to me. I'm happy with in her care. Her staff is great too. Courteous, pleasant and helpful.

Mary - Springfield - 2020

Dr. Shell is an excellent chiropractor! I've had 2 before her and she is the best. She is a big part of my healthy life. Dr. Shell always has great recommendations to solve painful issues. Even though back issues run in the family, I have none and I credit Dr. Shell for keeping it that way. I highly recommend her!!!

Denise - Mountainside - 01/20

For anyone who wants relief without adding pain medications to their diet, Dr. June Shell can offer that. From screaming back spasms, to pulled muscles and/or plantar fasciitis, she has proven time and again this is the way to go.

Laurie - Westfield - 01/20

This is my 20th year as a patient of Dr. June Shell and I have found her work in my life to be completely invaluable. Her adjustments have given me such much-needed relief in dealing with my scoliosis and related issues. And, I know that consistent adjustments over the years have contributed to the high level of both physical and emotional health that I experience.  Dr. Shell is the doctor in my life that I trust the most. She is always friendly, open and professional and, best of all, she truly cares about her patients as people. Her passion for her work is obvious. Most of the members of my immediate family have seen Dr. Shell on occasion and value her highly as well.

Deb & Bob - Scotch Plains - 10/19

We have been coming for at least 10 years. Because of her excellent treatment she has been keeping us healthy!

Melissa - Scotch Plains - 10/19

Dr. Shell is a life saver. I have been a patient for many years and I highly recommend her for your chiropractic care. Whether you need treatment for your immediate pain or for regular chiropractic care - she is your best choice. You will not be sorry! Not only is she a fantastic chiropractor, she actually cares about your pain and your recovery.

Bonnie - Newark - 8/18

Dr. Shell has helped me a lot to keep me out of pain. I have a lot of confidence in her ability and knowledge to help and advise me. The office is very friendly and kind. Two years ago I was hardly walking and now I'm dancing five nights a week because I followed what she told me what to do.

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