To my loyal patients,     

  Good afternoon and I hope you’re having a wonderful, healthy day. In light of the recent outbreak and declared state of emergency in New Jersey regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to reach out to you to ensure you of all the precautionary measures we have been and will be taking in our office.      

 In each chiropractic room as well as at each of the secretary’s areas, we will have hand sanitizer and each employee uses it between each interaction with patients as well as handling of any money. If you would like to use some at any time during your appointment, please feel free to ask and we will be happy to pass it to you.   

Second, between each appointment the chiropractic tables and rooms are deeply sanitized and cleaned to avoid any virus contamination between patient to patient. In addition, Dr. Shell washes her hands between each patient as well as using hand sanitizer to ensure no cross contamination from patients.      

Next, we wipe down and sanitize all seats in the waiting room as well as the pens at our window at a minimum three times a day to ensure a clean and comfortable waiting area.      

Lastly, the doctor would like to avoid using gloves as it will affect negatively in the chiropractic care she is able to give, however if you feel you would be more comfortable should she use them please feel free to ask and she will happily accommodate.      

With the panic that this flu-like virus brings, we at Shell Chiropractic and Wellness are taking all precautionary measures to make sure we offer not only the best care possible, but also a clean, sanitized and comfortable experience. 

If you feel that you are ill and exhibiting signs of the Coronavirus or any other related illness, we ask you remain home and rest. Both for your benefit of feeling better faster, as well as the well-being of our office, other patients and staff.  

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask any of the employees in our office. 

We look forward to servicing you for many more happy and healthy visits to come!     

 Warmest regards,  

The team at Shell Chiropractic and Wellness 

 19 Holly St.  

 Cranford, New Jersey 07016

Chiropractor adjusting patient

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