Take Care Of Your Liver

You may have heard us mention “your health starts in your gut”, and this month we will say it again! Your liver is the first line of defense to protect your body and if it begins to fail, so do many of your bodily functions and overall health. To give it a helping hand, the company Thorne came up with a supplement called Liver Cleanse, to help give your liver the nutrients it needs to function correctly. 

The liver's function is to purify the blood before releasing it to the rest of the body, turning toxins into waste (bile), and metabolizing nutrients and medication to give the body proteins that it needs to operate. The name ‘Liver Cleanse’ is a bit deceiving, as it is not a cleanse as you would recognize it. This is a supplement to be taken daily in the form of a vitamin, carrying essential nutrients and herbs to support the liver and its functions. This ‘cleanse’ will give the liver vital nutrients it needs to operate fully such as milk thistle and turmeric helping to avoid a buildup of toxins that could be a result of a sluggish liver. This daily vitamin is not a detox like you'll read, you are not limited to what food you can eat and you can go about your day as you would normally. This vitamin is simply a supplemental pill to help ensure your body is functioning properly. 

A sluggish liver might be a term you've not heard before, and it's exactly what it sounds like, a liver that is moving slower than it should be. This could result in allowing toxins into the bloodstream or not extracting enough nutrients from the food that passes through that the body requires. You could have a sluggish liver from a myriad of causes such as an excess of alcohol, a diet high in saturated fats, or if the homeostasis of the gut microbiome is disrupted.  

There are 6 Tell Tale signs your liver is sluggish and needs to be supplemented that you can learn from

  1. Unexplained Weight Gain

  2. Allergies (especially recent oncomings) 

  3. Chronic Fatigue 

  4. Excessive Sweating or Body Odor

  5. Stubborn Acne

  6. Bad Breath

How your body functions is based on what you eat, and this is why it is very important to make sure you're not allergic to any foods that may be causing you discomfort or for your body to not operate to its fullest ability. For example, If you are allergic to gluten, your liver is unable to rid the body of those toxins through bile, it could come out through the skin in the form of Acne, Psoriasis, or Eczema. With seasonal allergies such as pollen, temperature change or mold, make sure you notice when these allergies appear to stay on top of your liver health. If you found recently that your allergies have popped up seemingly out of nowhere, your body may have temporarily lost its ability to process your allergies. When your liver becomes sluggish, it stores the allergens by mistake, causing the body to produce too many histamines, a chemical meant to mark allergen for removal. This results in the allergy symptoms you are feeling. 

 Also with a sluggish liver, you are storing the un-exiled toxins in your fat cells, causing you to gain weight. This is the most common sign of a sluggish liver and is why many people will immediately grab the liver detox from off the shelf. To be clear however, this supplement will not help you lose weight, it will not magically clear your system from overindulgence and it will not cure liver disease like some liver detoxes may claim to do. However, if you do fnd you suffer from symptoms such as weight gain, allergies, chronic fatigue, bad breath, chronic acne and excessive sweating, introducing this vitamin into your regime might be a smart idea. 

Available here at the office, we offer the ability to walk in and buy it, or accompany it with a nutritional consult. A nutritional consult will allow you one on one time Nutritionist Dr. June Shell, to get to the root of your dietary and health problems. Allowing the doctor to recommend a custom vitamin regimen for you to help build up your body's strength and immunity. 

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