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      We all want to take care of our bodies the best we can. That can mean eating healthy, exercising often, or even taking the time to meditate. Sometimes, however, this might not be enough. Taking vitamins helps give your body a boost in the right direction, and gets your body functioning properly. 

      In today's Vitamin Spotlight, I wanted to explain to you the benefits of X-Viro min from Apex Energetics. 

      X-Viromin’s job is to support your immune system by delivering essential nutrients to your gut which is then distributed amongst the body. Your immune health, like many other aspects of the body, begins in your gut. 70-80% of all immune cells live in the gut, as this is the most popular place for toxins, pathogens and allergens to be absorbed and infect the body. The immune system's job in the gut is to distinguish all cells and differentiate between harmless cells such as food and nutrients and harmful cells such as bacteria. The immune cells then will attack the harmful cells never allowing them to get far enough for you to feel any difference in your day. 

       Your Immune System performs a thankless job each and every day. It is creating, storing and distributing white blood cells to combat bacteria and viruses that may have entered the body. Fighting off these harmful bacteria and alien cells is how you stay healthy and not constantly sick. Germs are everywhere, even prior to the pandemic there were harmful germs and bacteria in every place you went, so by building up and supporting your immune system you give yourself an extra layer of protection. Taking this daily is a great idea for the changing of the seasons, to combat allergies, and especially during a pandemic. Packed full with immune boosters you will be able to give your body the jump start of protection it needs that it doesn't always get by eating healthy. 

        The area of the Gastrointestinal Tract where they live, called the microbiota, and it relies heavily on a healthy environment to help all cells function properly.  To maintain homeostasis and healthy conditions, proper nutrition is essential. Eating the correct foods, maintaining a balanced diet, and proper exercise will result in a properly functioning Immune System. However, you may find that you are not taking in enough of a certain nutrient, vitamin or you may be allergic to the foods it is most commonly found in. This is where vitamins come in to help support your body with the nutrients it needs to survive. 

      Inside X-Viromin, Lemon balm, pomegranate fruit extract, and maitake mushroom are all supporters of the immune system and are added to help reinforce and support specific immune pathways. Also included is a variety of nutrients that you cannot get from food alone, such as Zinc and Vitamins A and C. The most important ingredients are astragalus and licorice extracts that will offer support to your immune system all around. The astragalus will help stimulate the immune system, and its antioxidant qualities will help against harmful free radical damaging cells.  To keep yourself from getting sick I highly recommend including this in your daily regime. I recommend this product and the company highly, and trust it enough to give to my own family. Suggested dosage is once per day or as directed otherwise. It is sold here at the office available for you to purchase at the front desk. 

        If you are interested in learning more about this vitamin or others to help protect you, come in for a consultation and I’ll be able to help you safeguard your body!

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