Magnesium Lactate

Incorporating Magnesium into your body may not be the first thing you think of when wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, but it's very necessary to keep your body functioning properly. If you were to ever take a vitamin, I would suggest taking Magnesium Lactate. This vitamin will promote cellular energy production, support the body's ongoing function of bone formation and restoration, help facilitate muscle contraction, support the body production of energy overall, and act as co factor support for over 300 enzymes (about 80%!) in the body. With such a multifaceted benefit, it's clear why it's important to be introduced in your daily regime.

Magnesium is the most diminished essential vitamin in the body and is why it is necessary to replenish it with supplements such as this. A magnesium poor diet, soft water, an overabundance of calcium or even medications could be the reason for depleted magnesium stores. Generally you will naturally intake a proper amount of Magnesium through a proper diet including leafy greens, legumes, and nuts and seeds. However external factors could affect the rate at which you absorb nutrients into your body. For example taking diuretics, drinking excessively, a poor unbalanced diet, or other illnesses such as intestinal absorption problems or poorly controlled diabetes will limit the amount of magnesium you take in and affect your body's functions. 

A low presence of magnesium in your diet could result in mood disorders, heart problems as well as type two diabetes and migraines. Common prescribed medication and even some over the counter drugs will also pull this nutrient out of your tissues and cause them to slowly grow weaker. This is why you will find that many people are depleted in the vitamin and don't even know it. Some signs that Magnesium may help with is the excess of stomach acid resulting in heartburn or frequent upset stomachs, and acid indigestion. 

A seemingly irrelevant vitamin, calcium, appears to be unrelated to magnesium and its purposes. However, many people, especially women, will overcompensate for bone loss and osteoporosis by taking an overabundance of calcium. The more calcium you take, the more your body requires magnesium and will be unable to effectively absorb the calcium until  magnesium is introduced.The more calcium you take without supplementing with magnesium lactate, the lower energy your cells will have and your bones will not be supported in the way they need to be for optimal health. To live a balanced lifestyle you need to proportion your vitamins  appropriately, as one is not fully operational without the ther. 

Ideally you require a two to one ratio to be balanced out properly between the two for maximum bone health favoring magnesium. 

There are two main forms of magnesium you can take. Magnesium Lactate and Citrate. 

The benefit of taking magnesium in lactate form is the ability to be absorbed more efficiently and is more agreeable in a majority of users. It is easier to take in large forms, and is used also as a food additive to regulate the acidity in foods and beverages. Magnesium Citrate is the easiest of the forms to be absorbed into the digestive system. This form can often be used as laxative in higher doses due to its natural effect the components have on the body. Magnesium Lactate is more agreeable for a majority of users and is a safer bet if you're taking this for the first time.

Standard Processing is a trusted company that manufactures vitamins, including magnesium lactate. The company's goal is to keep all items processed as close to how they grow in nature as possible. This is why I trust them, because of their ability to show me the items involved in each vitamin so I can feel safe knowing exactly what I am putting into my body. At the office I sell mainly Standard Processing for their transparent products and their safety protocols. 

Magnesium Lactate is by far the most popular vitamin sold at my office, and for good reason! A great addition to any diet, if you would like to look further into it and discuss how it can specifically help you, call the Cranford Office during business hours today!

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