With another spike of the Coronavirus looming ahead and with flu season upon us, there is no more important time to protect yourself and those you love. Please read along to find out my top ways to help you stay safe and healthy during this time.

A great way to support your immune system is through vitamins and supplements. These are designed to target and support aspects for your body which may not be as healthy as needed to fight off viruses and bacteria. A great one I suggest is Vitamin D. This is not solely to fight off COVID-19, but is a great idea to implement in your everyday life. Vitamin D has both anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties which are critical to the proper functioning of the immune system. This vitamin is known to help enhance the functioning of the immune cells which protect your body against harmful pathogens. Low levels of Vit. D have been linked to increased susceptibility to infections disease and illnesses such as asthma, tuberculosis, and respiratory diseases.

Another supplement which will help support your immune system is Zinc. This vitamin supports the growth, development and communication of immune cells and a deficiency of this in the immune cells have led to illnesses as severe as pneumonia. However on the flip side, this nutrient has been proven to reduce the effects of a common cold, and even shorten it by days in some cases.

In addition to these vitamins, I recommend washing your hands! This may seem like a silly recommendation but it is a vital part of stopping the spread of harmful bacteria. By stopping the spread with yourself, you are protecting those around you. It is easy to often touch your face, a door knob, or shopping cart handle without thinking anything of it. But with each touch we are then spreading countless germs that then easily enter our body and infect us with harmful pollutants. Using soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds will help rid your hands of germs and therefore protect those around you and in your community.

Lastly, keep your stress levels down! There is a strong link to the stress hormone called corticosteroid and the lower functioning of the immune system. With increased stress from our daily living conditions, jobs, partners or children, an excess of corticosteroids are released and contribute to the lack of positive immune system cells, called lymphocytes. This process allows harmful bacteria and viruses into the bloodstream and attacks the body. I recommend meditation, finding a quiet place to sit, stay relaxed, take deep, belly breaths and find healthy ways to cope with stress that don't include drinking or smoking.

If at any time you feel you could be doing more to protect yourself or you don't know where to start, message this page and we will help you every step of the way!

Sincerely, Dr June Shell

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